Digitize your
Wholesale and Distribution

With Storimart, manage your distributors, sellers and suppliers, all at your fingertips.
Our B2B mobile ordering platform built to support your wholesale business and to improve its operational efficiency.
Accept and process orders online using Storimart's interactive mobile application.


Do whats right for your business

Using a b2b ordering application can cut your operational costs while your revenue grows. By migrating from a traditional mode of business onto the digital platform, as a business owner, you can avoid the hassle of phone calls, purchase order, fax receipts, physical bargaining with vendors and much more.
Sellers can upgrade their business by bringing together almost every feature of their organization online, including features like order management, price negotiation, warehouse information and even customer support. Unnecessary costs, either direct or indirect, can be cut down by adopting storimart ordering all the while focusing on growing your business.
Storimart generates important reports on sales patterns, business volume, buyers ordering behavour, categories and product based sales report , Salesman performance report etc in a single click. These reports can assist sales & marketing team. Storimart integrates with most of the ERP solutions.

Increased Profit

Storimart helps you in different ways to get along with the business in good profit; be it a push notification, or be it an offer price announcement, every feature is a reliable factor dependent on how well you are sold.

Reduced Operating Cost

Faster and quick mobile applications, No order forms, no whatsapp or even no phone calls are necessary to make the orders and Even travelling across to the seller to make orders also can be eliminated.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

When you are offering the buyer a new way of doing things, they not only will be interested in those updates, but also will start to be in a good relationship with you. That's how a customer centric approach is done.

Business Intelligence

A great set of analytics in the Storimart application allows the Wholesaler or the seller to get statistical information on the top list of buyers, their purchase record, and list of products selled. Thus a good understanding on how an exact customer behaviour and taste can be analyzed.

Solution for Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers
Wholesalers and Sellers

Manage Buyers and Orders

Capture and process all orders through Storimart order fullfilment and which allows buyers to track their orders.System also provide feature to manage buyers and their usage.

Mobile application for Sales Executives

Android application for Sales executives to transact for customers. System provide feature to manage sales executives.

Quick Reports

Reports on sales patterns, business volume,buyers ordering behavour, categories and product based sales report , Salesman performance report. Order status in a single click.

Integration with ERP and CRM

Ready to integrate with ERP for live updation on sales and products.

Security and availability

SaaS solution with all advanced security features and always available for your business. Business readiness and availability ensured by STORILABS.

Round the Clock Support

Storimart provides 24*7 technical support for the seller and buyer. Personilised technical support for sellers.

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