Payment recording

How to record payment against an order? You can record payment at the time of order placement or from the order history. At the time of order placement After you place the order, you will get a dialogue box to record the payment as shown below. Provide the payment details […]

View order status

How to view order status? Navigate to the account option on top and select order history. Here you can see the List of Orders.  You can see the status of the respective order as Submitted, Accepted, Shipped, Delivered.

Order placing

How to place an order ? Open application” “. Login it with Username and Password. After Login  you can see the home page of buyer web application     ` Select any primary category and then select a subcategory, to view products that are available in the shop by […]


How can I login to the buyer web application? Open application” “.  Username can be either phone number or your email address added by the seller You need to create a password if you are logging for the first time. Remember the password for future logins. How to set […]

Additional Queries

What are all ways we can filter the order history details? Ascending order&Decending order Select order history and there you can see the right funnel.  then click that to see ascending and descending order.      We can filter by period change  Select order history   set date(from-to) in which you want to […]

Payment Recording

How we can see the payment recordings of  a particular order? Click on the order history from the dashboard and it will guide you to the order listing page Select the specific order, the payment has to be checked Click on the payment  option and their you can see the […]