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Top 4 B2B E-Commerce Platform For Entrepreneurs

 Are you looking to expand your B2B business through e-commerce and take it to the next level, then this is the right place. Let me guide you through how you can accomplish it. Before that, let’s have a look at the importance of exploring B2B E-Commerce Platform channels to grow and sustain your business. 

The influence of e-commerce in today’s business is rapidly growing as a result of an increase in internet network penetration and high-speed internet connections. With the improvement in technology, the number of people doing online shopping has increased exponentially. The businesses must leverage this opportunity to acquire new customers and increase sales through online channels. 

Customers were able to find out their desired products at a convenient price online. Online shopping started with retail business and big corporates like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and Snapdeal were grown out of it and followed by every brand and companies started their online store for serving retail customers.

B2C businesses rapidly expanded their presence in e-commerce, while B2B businesses were just exploring the opportunities. In the last couple of years, B2B businesses had moved their footsteps into e-commerce and now its turned into a big billion economy. So the traditional B2B businesses can’t ignore the power of e-commerce and let’s see how you can uncover the potential. 

Before that, let us have a quick glimpse at what is e-commerce?

E-commerce is simply online electronic commerce. you all heard about the term commerce, right? Commerce is simply the buying and selling of goods and services. In terms of e-commerce, it is in the mode of using electronic devices. 

Doing business with a B2B buyer, you will have to provide a seamless and customized online shopping experience with a package of automation and digital tools. Needless to say, having a perfect self-serve option for B2B buyers that acts as an all-in-one B2B e-Commerce platform can only succeed in this competitive space.

 Firstly lets us discuss B2B E-Commerce Platform 

What is the B2B E-commerce platform?

B2B eCommerce means online transactions in which both involved parties are businesses. The software-based solution that facilitates such transactions is called a B2B eCommerce platform, showcasing the products and services of the company and providing the required information in a user-friendly manner.

Before moving into platforms, here are the crucial factors which we  focused on selecting the platforms 

Flexibility: For providing a personalized and customizable shopping experience to B2B buyers.

Scalability: A scalable and robust software architecture is crucial for future scalability needs.

Reliability: PCI compliance and user data protection are necessary for every B2B organization.

User friendly: B2B eCommerce software should allow you to optimize your offerings and increase conversions easily.


  1. Storimart
  2. Shopify plus
  3. Bigcommerce
  4. Opencart

Let’s discuss these platforms one by one

  1. Storimart
"best b2b ecommerce platform"

Storimart is a digital platform that connects wholesalers and retailers for buying and selling products. I think Storimart is not familiar with you but when we go through its pros it will sustain a place in your b2b business.

Storimart offers Seller, Buyer and Salesman mobile and web applications for showing your various products and offers to the customer. You can revive your wholesale business and improve its operational efficiency through storimart

You can allocate salesmen for specific orders and buyers to promote your business.

It has :

  • Seller mobile and web application

This app provides complete business management on a single screen that includes a live dashboard, order fulfilment, payment processing, report, buyer management, pricing generation, and more. Storimart offers a Mobile Seller app for Android and iOS.

  • Buyer mobile and web application

This application offers a seamless ordering experience to your buyers, allowing customers to place orders and save baskets across all channels. Buyers have mobile applications in android and ios and a web application too.

  • Salesman mobile application

The salesman mobile app opens up instant access to the back office from its device, which will increase team performance in all business processes. This application allows the team members to organize on behalf of the customers and allows the sales manager to add additional funds to the order they have given.

Without a single doubt, I will say storimart gives you a drastic change in your B2B business

  1. Shopify plus
"Shopifyplus Ecommerce platform"

             Shopify is a B2B E-Commerce Platform for eCommerce websites based on cloud SaaS. Using this platform users can easily create an online store full of features such as product catalogues, shopping carts, payment etc. it is mainly built for higher volume enterprises.

 Key features

  • It can optimize serious traffic.

Every business gets success if and only if it has a fully operational website there to satisfy the ones who click the services they provide. Shopify provides a fully operational website with no inconvenience to your clients. It is resistant to large traffic to get the best sales retailers. This has made the company handle large crash orders even when running promotional campaigns.

  • More customization and control

Shopify Plus provides more customization according to the merchants’ behaviour. The best part is how easily you can customise the checkout process in Shopify plus.

  • Robust, flexible and perform faster speed
  • Gives multichannel and Omnichannel functions– through these functionalities, customers get an integrated experience
  • Dedicated Wholesale Online Store

Unlike different structures that best deal with retail enterprise, Shopify plus allows brands to commit one of the storefronts to perform the wholesale commercial enterprise. Resellers will log in and make bulky purchases each time they need them. This idea enables brands to make greater income and earn revenues through the wholesale enterprise. As an entrepreneur or brand, you can control extent discounts in step with a purchase made, tiered pricing, and feature unique fees for b2b customers. 

You can additionally include the minimum and the maximum orders customers could make. Shopify plus is a study platform to allow retailers and types to develop their companies exponentially. Not everybody is suitable to make transactions on Shopify plus. There are month-to-month prices involved, that you want to watch out for to keep away from bringing your enterprise down.

  1. Bigcommerce Enterprise
"Bigcommerce Ecommerce platform"

One of the main Open Saas electronic commerce platforms for intermediate brands and businesses. This platform is well rich and easy to use and offers the best support.

It targets wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers. you can sell products, process and ship orders, manage stock using big commerce platforms.

  • Mobile responsive platform

About 75% of online shoppers use smartphones for their purchases. So when your platform fails to load properly on smartphones, the majority of your potential customers will be lost.

  • Customer service

BigCommerce offers assistance for 24 hrs continuous help, so you don’t worry about the problem that arises while you are using the website.

  • Stock and returns management

You can experience smooth management in stock and product returns. Having this is an advantage in an eCommerce business.

  1. Opencart
"Opencart Ecommerce platform"

Like the name says, the open cart is free open software and easy to use for all market enterprises.

Open cart includes built-in SEO promo codes and product management to the seller worldwide. The beauty of an open cart is it can be easy to set up and it doesn’t require to have a dedicated server

Open cart is multi-currency  and multilingual with over 20 payment gateways and eight delivery options

  • Fast support
  • Lots of plugins
  • Transaction tracking
  • Order management for wholesale business
  • Email marketing support


I hope you all understood how an eCommerce platform should choose and which platform is best for your business. 

It is a little bit difficult to choose the best b2b ecommerce platform for your business because each has its own functionalities like Shopify plus gives a bunch of b2b functionalities in a single bundle and bigcommerce is pricey in the case of some business groups.

choose platform according to your functionalities

So why wait for the time to limit your options?

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