Novelty brand gallery-Case Study

A leading wholesale textiles supplier and manufacturer automated ordering with Storimart Company profile Company name: Novelty Brand Gallery Country: India Business sphere: Wholesale readymade supplier Objective: Automate wholesale business Software used: Storimart B2B software solution plus Salesman app Story of Novelty With a long history of nearly a century in […]

naiks farm hub case study

Naik’s Farm Hub – Case Study

Company profile Naik’s farm hub is one of the leading wholesale vegetable suppliers in Goa. They work with the most popular restaurants and clubs in Goa. Problem Naik’s farm hub used to follow the old and conventional methods for billing and communicating with customers in traditional modes. In the initial […]

top 7 b2b mistakes

Top 7 B2B Sales Mistakes to Avoid

The world of B2B sales tends to be complex and slow-moving but there is an easy way to gain upper hand by avoiding some common B2B sales mistakes. When we train our sales teams to identify these pitfalls, we enable them to focus on quality leads and close more deals. […]