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  1. Can I edit the order after placing the order?
  • No, it is not possible from the application now. You can only cancel the order before the seller accepts the order. You can inform the seller if you need to edit the order before shipping it out.
  1. What are the different views in buyer application for viewing the products?
  • Currently there are two views in buyer application for viewing the products. 
  1. Tile view
  1. List view
  1. How can I change the view from tile view to list view ?
  • Click on the menu bar on the top left part of home page
  • Click on settings menu 
  • There is an option to change the view from list to tile and vice versa
  1. How can I add products to my wish list ?
  • You can add any number of items to the wish list. 
  • Select any product 
  • Click on the Favourites button , it will be added to the wish list.
  • If a product is added to wishlist, the Favourite button will be highlighted to blue colour
  • You can view the products in wishlist by clicking on the 💙 button in the footer
  1. How can I search for a product in buyer app?
  • Click on the (🔍) button in the footer 
  • Type any product you want to search, it will be displayed there automatically

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