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  1. How do I create a buyer account?
  • Buyer accounts are created either by the seller or the salesman. Customers can register as a buyer in open shop settings.
  •  Creating buyer/customer In the seller admin
  •  Creating buyer/customer by salesman 
  •  Registering customer as a buyer in open shop settings
  1. How do I log in to the buyer app?

Buyer application is available in both Playstore and App Store. 

Click here for the Android version and iOS version 

  • Enter the phone number and the PIN. A PIN will be received as SMS once the buyer is generated as an app user by the seller or salesman. Or the buyer can contact the seller for a PIN.
  • You can also generate a new PIN if you forget the PIN  by clicking ” Get new pin”.
  • An OTP will be generated which is valid for one year. 
  1. OTP exhausted, how can I log in?

          The system allows up to 3 OTP’s per number. If this is exhausted, a user will need to wait

      for 24 hours or can send us a mail at support@storilabs.com

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