1. How to place an order?
  • Open the application and log in and navigate to any of the categories shown.
  • Select any primary category and then select a subcategory if subcategories are present to view products that are available.
  • View the products.
  • Either you can add the products to cart from product list  
  • or by clicking on each product. 
  • The quantity ordered will be shown once you add a product into the cart. 
  • You can change the quantity by clicking on “+” and “-” button , or typing the required quantity in the quantity field. The final quantity should be more than the MOQ specified by the seller
  • Once you added all the products into the cart, navigate to the footer section and select the cart icon for checkout.
  • You can edit the quantities of any item, or remove any item from the cart itself.
  • Click Checkout
  • A new window will open, provide details for delivery address, preferred delivery date and write additional notes if any
  • Then Click Submit

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