Payment recording

  1. How to record payment against an order?
  • You can record payment at the time of order placement or from the order history.

At the time of order placement

  • After you place the order, you will get a dialogue box to record the payment as shown below.
  • Provide the payment details and click send option.

  From Order history 

  • Navigate to the account option
  • Select order history 
  • Click on the order you want to add payment
  • Click on ‘Add Payment to this order‘ Button
  • Fill in your payment reference by entering the paid amount, paid date, and mode of delivery details and click send.
  1. How to cancel an order?
  • Select account option
  • Click  order history 
  • Click on the order you want to cancel
  • You can cancel the order only if the order status is ‘Submitted’
  • Select “cancel order
  1. What is the option ‘ Attach a file ‘on the checkout page?
  • ‘Attach a file’ option enables you to attach any file to be sent for the seller 
  • You can attach any file to the checkout page as shown below

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