Publishing products

  1. What is publishing?

  It is a simple process of moving all your product data onto your sales medium. 

  1. What are the different types of Publishing?
  1. Catalogue publishing
  2. Warehouse publishing
  1. What is Catalogue publishing?

Publishing a catalogue into the sales medium is catalogue publishing. Catalogue publishing is encouraged when you create a new catalogue, add or update the product details in an existing catalogue.

  1. How is catalogue publishing done?
  • Go to Warehouses menu  and Click on Catalogue menu 
  • Click on publish catalogue corresponding to the catalogue which needs to be published
  1. What is Warehouse publishing?

Warehouse publishing is done when 

  • You made changes to the warehouse details
  • Enable/ Disable properties as shown in the image
  • Added new buyers, edited buyer details or changed buyer groups
  • Added a new salesman, edited salesman details or edited buyer groups
  • Made changes in catalogues or multiple catalogues
  • Made any other changes 
  • Adding or updating catalogues through excel upload
  1. How to do warehouse publishing
  • On the menu sidebar, navigate to the fifth icon, select Publish/Search and then click Publish Warehouse in the Actions column.
  • Publishing will initiate and end within a couple of minutes
  • Click on the Check status button to get the status
  • The last published column gives the last published time. 
  • Hit refresh at the end 
  1. What if there is an error?

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