Warehouse setup

  1. What is a warehouse? Do I need it?

A warehouse is a virtual shop. Like all e-stores, it will have its own unique details, address, features and business users. 

All orders placed from the mobile application and web applications will be linked to your unique warehouse ID. 

Each warehouse is associated with its Warehouse Admin user.

  1. How do I set up a warehouse?
  1.  Open the application https://martadmin.storimart.com/storimartadmin and login with your username and password.
  2.  On the menu sidebar, navigate to the second icon and select Warehouses.
  1. Provide the required warehouse details such as name, email address, time zone etc. and select Save.
storimart warehouse setup
  1. Proceed with filling in the contact details and select Save. 

Set up Order Fulfillment User by providing name, number and login credentials and select Save

  1. Confirm after checking all the details right and submitt.
  1. How many warehouses can I have?
  • Only one warehouse can be supported for one mail id and phone number.

If you need additional warehouses for multiple locations please send us a mail at support@storimart.com

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