naiks farm hub case study

Naik’s Farm Hub – Case Study

Company profile

Naik’s farm hub is one of the leading wholesale vegetable suppliers in Goa. They work with the most popular restaurants and clubs in Goa.


  • Naik’s farm hub used to follow the old and conventional methods for billing and communicating with customers in traditional modes. In the initial stages, they were able to manage the business. 
  • The company started to dominate the field, and by 2022, there was an enormous increase in the number of customers.
  • The company began to miss orders and lose business. The company’s primary need was to receive orders directly from customers and turn them into an invoice for delivery. 
  • They kept searching for the perfect software to manage their business. 


  • Finally, they came to know about Storimart.
  • In the initial stage of the project implementation, there were a few things Mr. Naik, Director of “Naik’s farm hub” wanted to customize to suit his type of Business requirements and storimart team was happy to take the challenge.
  • After several discussions and multiple training sessions, the storimart team made a list of challenges faced by the company.
  • The company used to miss many orders due to the lack of technological support in following the orders.
  • Losing business  and high operating costs were the other problems faced by Naik’s farm hub.
  • Storimart team could successfully tackle all these problems.
  • The Buyer’s app provided by Storimart ensured that the customer had proper control of their orders. It helped to reduce the number of missing orders due to the conventional communication methods. 
  • The seller’s app provides an option to view the details of orders placed, making the process more admin friendly. Staff could bring the whole process under control as they can keep an eye on the orders placed in the dashboard admin panel.
  • They could add and organize the products like Catalogue >Category > Sub category > products and even add SKU variables with images.
  • Storimart provided them with an option to customize the pricing for different slabs of customers grouped under buyer groups.
  • The sales executives assigned to the buyer groups can also place orders from the Salesman app on behalf of the buyers. These helped Naik’s farm hub to create a solid customer base. 



  • Storimart helped Naik’s farm hub to increase its sales by up to 50%. 
  • Storimart even aided the company in replacing the time-consuming hectic manual work with automated order placement and management processes. 
  • Cent percent accuracy was also a crucial gain in the process.

Customer testimonial

 “Over the six months of the project implementation, the Storimart B2B application enabled us to build a management system for our business. Moreover, the professional setup of the Storimart allowed us to ensure the correct operational processes. Due to the powerful integration mechanisms, we connected to our customers 24X7 without any additional investments. We also were able to meet our customer’s requirements in regards to the billing and monthly reports.”, says Mr. Yayati Naik, the owner of Naik’s farm hub.

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