Novelty brand gallery-Case Study

A leading wholesale textiles supplier and manufacturer automated ordering with Storimart

Company profile

Company name: Novelty Brand Gallery

Country: India

Business sphere: Wholesale readymade supplier

Objective: Automate wholesale business

Software used: Storimart B2B software solution plus Salesman app

Story of Novelty

With a long history of nearly a century in the textile trade, Novelty has started its venture from a modest beginning and has come a long way to evolve itself as one of the most renowned textile wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers in Kerala.

Novelty started its venture with a Wholesale Textile Trade Division, ‘Novelty Textiles – Ernakulam then started a wholesale showroom in Kollam its extent spread across 50000 sq ft of fully packed space housing a wide range of textiles and readymade garments catering to the desire of its end customers of sporting elegant and graceful attire with the taste of Indian customer especially, South India.

Novelty has managed to achieve its product uniqueness and quality by sourcing from some of the diverse and leading manufacturers spread across different parts of our country.

 How we met

The engagement between Storimart and Novelty began when they started a readymade division called Novelty Brand gallery. Then both teams started engaging and conducted demos and discussions.


Getting the list of products was the first challenge, there were a big number of products and they kept changing the trend and design in the textile industry.  Storimart-Novelty team worked together and sorted out all the Challenges related to the product listing with images by easy Excel upload.

Novelty Brand Gallery has a 10-plus sales team working in various places and dealing with hundreds of retail outlets, In a workforce where efficiency—and inefficiencies—directly impact the bottom line, accurate and effective selling processes are essential. The more efficient the process, the more likely it is to increase sales performance. Implementing the right solution can have many benefits.


Storimart B2B model of eCommerce improves the production network the executive forms, which can build clients unwaveringly in view of comfort. This, thus, can improve deals and lift change rates.

It comes with features such as:

  • Live inventory – Through the use of real-time inventory data on hand, sales members can access inventory available in the warehouse on-demand to see where stock is at any given time.
  • Enhance Client Relationships – The client can be more hands-on with Storimart mobile sales app than with a paper-based process. Involving the client in the process of choosing products and placing orders is the best way to create a sense of closeness and trust.
  • Access to Product Information – Gain real-time access to photos, descriptions, specs, and pricing or promotion details.
  • Improve Close Rates – Adjust orders immediately and complete transactions while you are still with your client.
  • Correct Information Mistakes – Whether it’s client, product, or order information, a mobile sales app provides functionality to make immediate corrections to reduce errors and mistakes moving forward which leads to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce Delays in Sales Data Communication – Send transactions to your ERP or other enterprise systems in real-time eliminating the need to create and process paperwork that is filed at the end of the shift by a data entry person or sales team member.
  • Sell from Anywhere at Any Time – Offline mode functionality enables sales members to conduct business even when the internet is inaccessible. The mobile sales app will continue to collect transactions and batch-post them when connectivity is restored.
  • Create a Greater Customer Experience – Collect and gather data on the spot so you have a comprehensive customer profile in your system. This empowers the sales member to sell smarter by offering products and promotions based on customer purchasing history while creating trust and loyalty.


Combined efforts between Storimart and the Novelty team designed the solution suitable for both sales staff and the Order Management Division of Novelty.  Now their business is going to the next level.

  • Retailers can see the products in the salesman’s app, and place orders;
  • The application saves time for sales executives;
  • It’s easier for sales executives to browse the app;
  • Administration and order management have access to the unified reports where they can see orders in one place;
  • Multidimensional reports available such as.
  • Date-wise report
  • Retailer-wise reports
  • Sales executive wise reports
  • Category, Subcategory, product wise reports .

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