Sales Executive App


Sales Executive App


Sales Executive App

We live in a digital world where attention spans are short, and everybody has information literally at their fingertips. Nobody has the time, patience or inclination to carry or read through bulky printed matter – be it catalogs or forms that need to be filled. This goes for both your field sales executives and your customers. If you want to make things easy for your sales reps and convenient for your customers, you need to go digital. Empower your sales team with access to client data and real-time visibility into your products and offers, and help them close deals and sales quickly and in more numbers. Minimize human intervention to save cost, achieve greater speed and accuracy, and improve your bottom line.

Storimart offers you a comprehensive solution – a web portal, and mobile apps for you, your buyers, and your sales teams, that are integrated so that every process can be executed smoothly. Regardless of how large or complex the orders are, our solution can handle it with ease. Your sales reps can generate orders instantly and get approvals quickly from the relevant personnel.

Storimart is a B2B E-Commerce solution that delivers an all-inclusive, feature-packed mobile sales executive app that is integrated with your desktop Ecommerce portal. Your sales team can make bolder, smarter sales pitches when they are armed with the Storimart app, and increase their sales easily. The app contains digital catalogs – unique to different customer groups – that displays stocks along with prices, customer data in real time, and more.

But – check out how Storimart can deliver multiple benefits for your company for yourself. Get in touch with us for a free walk through now.

Give your Sales Executives Essential Functionality at their Fingertips

Tailormade Catalogs

Buyers today are an impatient lot; the quicker they can find what they want, the better your chances of making sales. Storimart allows your sales team to put customers into various categories according to their purchase behavior, and create catalogs with products they are interested in, and at varying prices as per their order quantities. These personalized catalogs are more successful in catching the customer’s eye, and your reps can be sure to close a lot of deals in a lot less time.

Onboard New Clients

This process is usually cumbersome, with trails of paperwork. Not anymore! With the Storimart Sales Rep App, new customers can be registered and added on the fly in a few simple steps. What’s more, your sales reps can also take their orders immediately, and send them to be processed.

Leverage Tech to Work Smart

The feature-rich Storimart Sales Rep app helps you enhance efficiency, increase accuracy, accelerate customer on-boarding, enhance communication, reduce fulfillment time, minimize manual data entry, and consequently, amplify your sales. It’s exactly what your sales teams need to close deals quickly and smoothly, enhancing revenues.

Check Stock Levels

When a customer wants to order, your sales team must know exactly how much of that item is in stock, before they key in the details. By giving accurate information, clients can also take the right decisions for their businesses. With Storimart, your sales executives get real-time info about stock levels, which helps them provide valuable service to your customers.

Offline Operations

Your sales team may sometimes be in areas of poor connectivity, especially if they are in remote locations, or even in trade shows. This should not hamper your sales efforts, and so, Storimart allows the syncing of vital data prior to visiting such areas. Your sales reps can work offline, and just collect orders from customers. All they need to do is synchronize with your office once they are able to connect to the net again.

Orders and Discounts

Field sales reps have to be fast, efficient, and think on their feet. Thanks to Storimart’s Sales Executive App, they can be all this and more. With just a few taps on their phones, they can offer personalized discounts, take and generate orders on the go, and send the information to your office to ensure quick processing.

Attractive Digital Catalog

When your inventory levels are dynamic, it is imperative that you update it instantly, to represent the accurate picture. Our high-definition catalogs aesthetically display your best products (tailored to the customer’s preferences) along with the prices and available quantity, which can be easily scrolled through.