Comprehensive B2B Ecommerce Portal for Manufacturers & Distributors

Accelerate your sales with our comprehensive B2B solution that automates and integrates to deliver seamless buying experiences!


Comprehensive B2B Ecommerce Portal for Manufacturers & Distributors

Accelerate your sales with our comprehensive B2B solution that automates and integrates to deliver seamless buying experiences!


B2B Ecommerce Solution

Regardless of age, industry, designation, or niche, individuals spend more and more time online.Searching for information, finding entertainment, purchasing products – everything is increasingly being done online. As a manufacturer, wholesale trader, or distributor, your B2B ecommerce portal is your most valuable tool in this scenario. Tap into new markets, retain existing customers, and enhance your bottom line with a robust B2B Ecommerce portal, and use it in combination with your Seller mobile app.

But what kind of an ecommerce portal does your business need? You definitely want something better than your run-of-the-mill B2C portal revamped to include a trade only feature and renamed a B2B portal. You may find several solutions that promise you the moon and more but cost an arm and a leg, and take ages to launch. All of this can be pretty frustrating.

Enter Storimart – an affordable, comprehensive B2B system that offers a 360-degree solution to manufacturers and distributors. From quick configuration of your portal to intuitive buyer apps and super convenient sales executive apps, Storimart is your one-stop solution designed to streamline your business with automation and integrations and help you achieve rapid growth.

With automation of mundane tasks and deep integration with your existing business solutions, you can enjoy rapid processing, eliminate errors, and maximize customer satisfaction – eventually translating into higher sales, revenues, and profitability. We can launch your online store in a short time, so that you can start earning quickly. Our solution is built for scalability, so that when your business grows, the app will effortlessly handle the extra workload. Add more products, customers, catalogs, categories, and so on.

At Storimart, our expert team will configure the entire system for you – from the portal to the apps.You don’t have to worry about integrations or configurations, or anything else.

B2B Seller Mobile App

The mobile app is in effect a comprehensive order management system which allows you to manage the entire ordering process, no matter where you are. You can see the orders you have received and process them; by checking the inventory, the buyer’s credit limit and payment history, you can make a decision whether to accept or reject them. The app facilitates acceptance and processing of customer payments. The mobile app offers the convenience of doing business anytime, anywhere, so that you never miss a business opportunity.

Web Portal

The B2B web portal lets you control your business completely from one single screen. A live dashboard gives you a bird’s eye-view of your business, including your top-selling products, your top customers, the number of orders that have been accepted, those yet to be processed, shipped, delivered, and so on. It also lets you see your monthly and yearly business volume.

You Can Manage :


The catalog manager lets you create multiple catalogs of the same products, to be displayed to different categories of customers based on their purchase habits and volumes. It also helps you in managing your warehouse and inventory in real time, as the stocks are updated as products come in and when they get sold. You can map the catalogs to buyer groups

Customers / Buyers

This feature lets you view your customers, their contact details, which category they belong to, and what their current status is. You can also add and remove customers in this module, and map specific sales executives to specific buyers (your customers). You can group customers into different categories based on the type of items they buy, frequency of purchase, volume or value of their orders and more. You can display customized catalogs based on their category.


This feature lets you receive and process orders, and manage your orders in real time. It also lets you generate invoices and monitor payments from your customers. Here you can view details of your buyers’ orders, like when they were submitted, when they are due, the order amount, order status (accepted/rejected/shipped/delivered), payment status, and so on.


Here you can see the categories and sub-categories of your products, individual SKUs, which catalogs they belong to, the current level of stock, and any updates you have made.


Record and view details of individual warehouses like contact details, products, stock levels, shipping costs, and more. Seamless warehouse management is facilitated by this module.


The seller app has a powerful reporting feature that lets you generate reports according to items, customers, or for a specific time period. Reports are part of business intelligence that give you insights into how your business is performing, and the numbers can convey where you need to improve.