Storimart Buyer App

Delivering Seamless Customer Journeys


Storimart Buyer App

Delivering Seamless Customer Journeys


Storimart Buyer App

B2B customers nowadays want B2C shopping experiences from their vendors. They want to be able to place orders for wholesale the same way they do in retail. If you don’t give them what they want, you could end up losing not just sales, but customers as well.

Moreover, a mobile app for your customers to purchase from you is a huge bonus for you as you can save money and have more accuracy by uploading purchase orders into your ERP system directly without human intervention.

E-commerce software available in the market today does not usually have an option for a B2B mobile app. Some solutions offer third-party add-ons which are pretty expensive and hence not really feasible.

This is where Storimart B2B Ecommerce portal comes in – with an innovative, ready-to-use, inbuilt B2B ordering app. It’s tightly integrated with your ERP solution and specially crafted to meet the specific requirements of your wholesale customers. The app works across different operating systems, but cannot be downloaded from the play store.

As a wholesaler, send the google play store link, Username and password to your customer so they can order whenever it’s convenient for them and whenever they need products. The app offers them customized catalogs, real-time inventory visibility, and so on. The app is user-friendly and similar to retail apps that end-customers use, the process ends with placing the order, Its self- service approach boosts customer engagement and lowers your cost of administration.

This robust Buyer app simplifies your business, and helps you scale seamlessly. Contact us for scheduling a free demo.

Empower your B2B Customers with an Intuitive and Feature-Packed App

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Facilitate real-time checking of your inventory levels for your customers, so that they can ascertain if the products they need are in stock when they want. Your customers can also get insights into the supply chain, helping them manage their own inventories and purchase processes better.

Tailor Made Promotions

The Storimart Buyer App allows you to deliver tailor made promotional offers to customers either individually or for customer groups, or according to product range. Push notifications at the right time can catch your customer’s eye, and nudge them to check the offer and respond quickly.

Multiple Price for Separate Groups

You can sell the same product SKU at multiple prices for different buyers, by separate catalogs. You can divide your buyers into different categories depending on their frequency, value or volume of orders, payment histories, or any other criteria. Storimart affords you the option of creating personalized catalogs that will be displayed only to specific customer groups. Let’s say that you sell T-shirts. You have it in several colors. You have three customers who all have varying buying volumes and frequencies. You can have separate catalogs displaying the same T-shirt at $5, $7, and $10. Each customer will only be able to see the catalog you want them to see, and will not come to know the price you offer others.

Convenient Ordering

Your customers can order from home, sales floor, warehouse, stock room, or when traveling; they don’t have to be in their office or fill out and maintain outmoded order forms to place orders for your products.

Real-time Tracking of Orders

Storimart’s Buyer app helps customers to track their orders in real time, making their supply chain management seamless. If the delivery gets delayed, they can find out the reason and take necessary steps for emergency replenishment if required.

Higher Brand Engagement

The Buyer app from Storimart is designed to be intensely customer-centric, catching their attention and imagination, and delivering a superlative buyer experience when they browse your catalog and place orders.

Payment Recording

The app can record the payments made by the customer so that they know what is pending. This way they can avoid delays in payments and maintain a good payment history.