Storimart Van Sale Module

Do sales on the move.. even when you are out of mobile network.

Storimart Van Sale

Storimart Van Sale

Storimart Van Sale Application helps salesmen to efficiently serve the customer by accepting orders, issuing invoices, and collecting payments without fail and human errors.

The application has two modules, the first is based on a handheld device or a smartphone/Tablet. The second module is back office module software integrated with the handheld application which gives distribution managers a quick and easy way to view and create and configure routes, schedule customer visits, products, orders, invoices and daily reports. Control credit extended, Reduce stock loss through strong inventory control.

Storimart is a B2B E-Commerce solution that delivers an all-inclusive, feature-packed mobile sales executive app that is integrated with your desktop Ecommerce portal. Your sales team can make bolder, smarter sales pitches when they are armed with the Storimart app, and increase their sales easily. The app contains digital catalogs – unique to different customer groups – that displays stocks along with prices, customer data in real time, and more.

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How Storimart Van Sales Application works

  • Stock from the central office is transferred to different vans/ branches on the basis of certain stock requests.
  • It is essential to process the request from the vans/branch for stock transfer.
  • Stock requests from different vans/branches can be processed by admin user
  • After the request approval from different vans/ branch, stock will be transferred from the central warehouse
  • If any of the items are returned by van/branch, then it can be properly accounted for through the stock return document.
  • The items can be transferred to the customer (credit customers /cash customers) from vans/branch
  • Whenever the items are returned from the customer, it can be properly accounted with the invoice number in the sales return document
  • The collection against invoices How Storimart Van Sales Application works from different customers can be entered through the collection entry.
  • Every customer in Storimart added their geolocation in google maps. It allows the back office/admin to track the salesman’s visits .
  • Daily route plans can be assigned to salesmen and monitor the customer visits accordingly.
  • Finally the Offline feature allows the salesman to do order taking when he is in an out of coverage area and sync the transactions when comes back to mobile network

Features of Storimart Van Sales

  • Route Scheduling
  • Offline functionality
  • Add / Remove route customers
  • Assigned price list for customer groups
  • Route Customer Transaction History
  • Balances / Credit Limits per customer
  • Last / Next payment per customer
  • Information on Stock availability
  • Sales Orders / Invoicing
  • Sales Invoices / Receipts
  • Payments Received / Receipts / Cash / Credit / Outstanding
  • Products Price Catalog
  • End of Day Reports
  • Customer Statements