Top 7 B2B Sales Mistakes to Avoid

Top 7 B2B Sales Mistakes to Avoid

The world of B2B sales tends to be complex and slow-moving but there is an easy way to gain upper hand by avoiding some common B2B sales mistakes. When we train our sales teams to identify these pitfalls, we enable them to focus on quality leads and close more deals.

Some of the frequently encountered mistakes are

1) Going After the wrong lead

This always happens even to the best sales representatives. Sales reps may pursue leads with meagre chances of conversions. This is a waste of time and resources that can instead be used to nurture high-quality leads. With correct filtering and resources, you can go after the potential ones to convert.

2) Ignoring Existing Customers

Everyone wants to acquire new customers and improve their sales performance and that’s alright. However, it is equally important to pay attention to your existing, loyal customers. Engage with your old customers frequently and meaningfully.

3) Limiting sales to a single channel

B2B customers use multiple online and offline channels to start and end a transaction. So, if you’re focusing your sales only on one channel, you’re likely to miss key opportunities. An integrated, omnichannel approach ensures that you’re targeting customers and generating brand awareness across several channels. However, it’s best to focus on only those channels where your target customers have a strong presence.

4) Rushing Your Prospects

Don’t hesitate to follow up with your prospects. But don’t rush them into making a decision either; you could end up driving them away. Stay empathetic and give them the time they need to decide on their purchases.

5) Missing out on communicating your value proposition

Customers are not just looking for products. They want trustworthy solutions to their existing or future problems. So, mould your pitch accordingly. Help customers understand the value and qualitative benefits that your offerings bring.

6) Not Measuring Your Sales Processes

Monitoring and measuring key metrics can help determine if your sales processes are effective. Metrics such as sales cycle length, customer churn, lead-to-sales ratio, etc. help you see how you are performing and what can be improved. They also give you a greater insight into the market and your target audience. However, you need to be wary of tracking an excessive number of factors since that can lead to data overload. It’s critical to identify and efficiently measure only the data that is essential to your sales process.

7) Hard to handle the wholesale business by the salesperson

This is one of the important problems a sales rep encounters. It’s hard to maintain a wholesale business by a single person. When the existing customers order in bulk, the seller has difficulty handling those. Then you will be losing your potential customers. This is where Storimart can help you.

We have developed a salesman delivery app that plays a huge role in balancing the b2b wholesale business. It’s too hard to maintain a wholesale business by a single person. When a customer orders goods in a large quantity the seller has difficulty handling those and when all the goods reach the doorsteps of the customer nothing makes them happier than this.

Storimart gives an application for Sales Executive, where the person will be placing an order on behalf of the buyer and they can select the buyer group also.

This salesman’s mobile application opens the opportunity to access the back office directly from their device, which will increase the team’s efficiency and the entire sales process.

 This application facilitates the sales team to transact on behalf of the buyers and allows the sales executive to feature additional discounts on orders placed by them

Why Storimart?

Storimart is a digital platform designed to connect distributors, sellers, and suppliers with their customers seamlessly. Our B2B ordering platform is built to revamp your wholesale business and improve its operational efficiency. Users can accept and process orders online using Storimart’s interactive web and mobile applications.

This application brings the total control of the business to a single screen which includes a live dashboard, order processing, payment processing, report generation, buyer management, invoice generation, etc

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