Manual Ordering



Manual Order Processing

High probability of error in orders (~ 10%)

Time intensive order processing (12-15 min /order)

Higher salesmen cost and processing cost per order

Manual order tracking for individual orders leads to inefficient customer service

Automated Order Processing

Eliminates errors in order processing (0-1%)

Saves processing time and improves efficiency (1-2 min/order)

Reduces FTE costs and error costs in order processing

Centralized order monitoring system to track all orders and improve customer service

Absence of Order Status Monitoring

Order processing information scattered across systems

Payment status for individual orders tracked manually

Real-Time Order Status Monitoring

Consolidated order processing view with all details

Single portal tracks payment status for all orders

No System for Managing Customers

Customer credits need to be noted down separately

Requirement of multiple systems for different pricing

Varied customer communication channels

Customer Management System

Provision to track customer credit history

Customized pricing for individual customers

Unified platform for seamless customer communications

Absence of Automated Analytics

Inefficient inventory planning leads to additional costs due to overstocking/stock outs

Salesmen performance information is scattered

Order Management Analytics

Smart inventory planning reduces costs using consolidated order information

Single view to track and analyze salesmen performance

Traditional Ordering Experience for Buyers

Can be placed only in business hours, through salesmen or through call/texts

Delay in conveying latest product catalogue

Reactive customer support

B2C Ordering Experience for Buyers

Buyer app (Mobile & Web) offers 24/7 ordering and status tracking to buyers

Live product catalogue and prices

Proactive customer support