possibolt integration- storimart

Storimart-Posibolt integration increases Business efficiency

Today, we’ll be talking about managing Wholesale and manufacturing by integrating Posibolt ERP with Storimart E-Commerce, which allows you to be market ready for both online and offline business.


Most wholesale or manufacturing business automation software providers don’t have any system for doing business offline and online from one point. Our integrated system allows customers to do business in multiple ways.

If there is no integration with ERP and E-commerce , it’s  very likely you will be having lots of troubles on order and inventory management. Imagine a situation where your ecommerce website sends orders for the same stock you just sold from your point of sale counter.

Keeping multiple inventory records will not help you while you are selling your products in Wholesale, retail, E commerce marketplaces or your own ecommerce B2B or B2C wesites 

Let’s say,during a peak season, you need to check which product or unit is selling fast. You will be using multiple software and some time just searching in papers   

Instead, it would be great to have all the data in one place and help the client in just a few clicks. The best solution would be the synchronization of data between multi points of business operation. It would allow you to get an idea of the client’s requirements  and link the current order to the ERP.

As you can see from the results of the survey conducted by industry experts among Wholesale business houses, the most popular option is the ability to register the request in the technical support right from the interface of the monitoring system. 

This is exactly what our integrated system offers. So far, this solution has been successfully implemented by companies in six countries.


We developed an integration with Posibolt ERP that synchronizes the list of products, its variants, current stock, Customers and the credit status too. Now the client has just to add new Products in Posibolt ERP, and they are automatically imported to the Storimart E-commerce platform. Note that you can configure the types of products you want to sell through your retail point of sale, wholesale and E commerce . 

It allows you to determine the pricing and quantity wise conditions applicable to multiple points of sales .Moreover our ordering platform will manage the credit check while a B2B customer places an order.

How it works

In Storimart, we have created a connector between Posibolt ERP and Storimart ecommerce which syncs customer group, Customer  list, opening balance and updates whenever any additions or changes made in the base ERP, it works in products and its attributes, multiple price lists assigned to buyer groups can be added automatically.  


Multiple point sales management worries becomes a story of the past , in Storilabs we create lots of success stories, with years of research and market exposure now be it a B2C order form E commerce or B2B order from your retail customers with custom pricing, Multiple branches, warehouses, point of sales every thing can be managed from a single point.

  1. Reduce manual entry to save time and increase output while reducing errors, when entering order, inventory, item, customer and shipping data.
  2. Streamline inventory synchronization, track updates, and provide accurate inventory levels to customers, without hiring staff to manage these tasks.
  3. Automatic notifications for customers when orders have been shipped and allow them to track the delivery of products.
  4. Simplify how you manage price and product changes to inventory.
  5. The flexibility to add multiple online (web-stores and marketplaces) and offline (brick & mortar) sales channels, without losing operational efficiency.
  6. Handle increased demand in online orders without the need to add extra resources to cater for it.

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