Order placing

  1. How to place an order ?
  • After Login  you can see the home page of buyer web application


  • Select any primary category and then select a subcategory, to view products that are available in the shop by category option.
  • Select the products and add them into the cart.
  •  Navigate to the cart icon  for checkout.
  • Select Checkout
  •  Provide details for delivery address, time and additional notes, if any.
  • Click place Order.
  1. How we can change the quantity of product while ordering?
  • You can change the quantity by clicking on the “+” and “-” button , or typing the required quantity in the quantity field. The final quantity should be more than the MOQ specified by the seller


  • You can edit the quantity of products in the cart  as shown below
  • You can click on the ‘+’ or “-” button or can type the quantity needed for that product.
  1. How we can add products to the wishlist?
  • You can add products to the wishlist by clicking on the 💙 button above each of the products on the product listing page.
  • You can see the added products in the top corner of the product listing page as  💙

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