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Top 9 ways to drive your B2B platform easily

Nowadays, having a small B2B  business and having an online B2B platform is not a big thing. The more your website has traffic the more your business will stay around competitors.

 When your site gets more traffic then only it will lead more in conversion and sales rate.

So, for that to happen, we should do something to stay customers.

But how does one get visitors to your site?

Aiming for ads is such a great way of getting traffic but it is an expensive method.

So lets us talk about the easiest ways  to drive your website to get more traffic

  1. Create a relevant, consistent and valuable content

A blog post is a way of bringing customers to your website. if you are running a b2b digital platform try to write a blog based on the b2b business, look at the products that are the same as your products, and the latest updates in e-commerce platforms likewise. 

  • Create high-quality and original content that will sustain your customers in a way that makes them want to interact with you, purchase from you and keep always a connection with you.
  •   Optimize your website layout clearly and make it easy to checkout for the customers. Try to make them feel naturally inclined to your website features for purchasing your products. 
  • Content marketing gives you a huge improvement in customer reachability.

So try to bring out relevant, consistent and valuable content 

  1. Focus on SEO

Search engine optimization is an inevitable part of driving a website effectively.It is a tactic used to help your eCommerce site appear in search engine results for various keywords. So whenever a search keyword(Query) in search engines shows your website will appear on the top position on the search engine resulting page 

Seo focusses

  •  Headlines,
  •  content, 
  • Use longtail keyword  in meta title and description

For optimizing your website there are many tools available :

  • Google console
  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • Ubersuggest

Keep in mind that, while strengthening SEO is beneficial for increasing search traffic.

it should not be your primary strategy of attracting visitors to your store because it takes time to begin functioning.

  1. Get started with email marketing to reach at best B2b platform

Email marketing is an effective way to generate leads, hook up with your customers,  and promote your enterprise.

. You can update your offers and features like a newsletter as a part of email marketing.

First, you should select a free CRM to communicate with customers like HubSpot

Make a contact list that is related to your business

How can we create an email list through Hubspot CRM?

Let’s have a look,

  • From within your Hubspot account select contact>list
  • Click create a new list
  • Give your created list a new descriptive title then you can easily locate the ones who you are sending in the email campaign
  • On the left side select the filters you want to add
  • Click save

To create and send email

  • Select marketing>email
  • Click create email
  • Choose the template based on your choice
  • Select your recipients by clicking Send or schedule.
  • Choose to send your mail
  • Click review and send
  • Once you’ve confirmed your email looks exactly as you want it, click Send or Schedule

Use email-marketing tools to grow your audience with customers. Then  converts browsers into buyers

  1. Post to social media platforms

This is the other simplest way to drive traffic through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

  • Choose the best platform to target the audience most and create a business profile there. Nowadays YouTube and Instagram are on top.
  • So choose the best platform which is suitable for your business.
  1.  Promote products based on your audience’s interest

Focus on your customer’s interest is an important way to drive traffic to your online store. In the case of every business, customers are the keys. When they open then only it will succeed.

Figure out their interest and adding more products and content based on their interest will receive the best results ever.

To find out your visitor’s interest, you will be able to use MonsterInsights.

 In its Publishers report, you will see which categories your customers like.

  1. Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Now, many website owners focus on the desktop preview of their site, they just ignore mobile preview. But most of the audience searches for everything through mobile rather than desktop. So optimizing your store for mobile is essential. Otherwise, you will lose more customers.

  1. Researching on your competitors
"Researching on your competitors

This means don’t copy anything from your competitors.

just research :

  • which key phrases they target, 
  • what content topics they use, 
  • where do they get their backlinks from and which channel has the maximum visitors.

Not focus on single competitors. Try to research as many competitors.

      Now you have different tools to find out your competitors like SEMrush and Ahrefs.

"grow your online visiblity with semrush"
ahrefs seo

You can just enter your Url and you can find out every detail about your website. There are many options available in Ahrefs. You can find keywords ranking, backlinks, SEO traffic easily through this tool.

  1. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is now a familiar social network platform used by every customer 

  • If you are planning to buy a dress for an occasion, you just search for new collections on Pinterest. If you want to make a variety of dishes, you just search it on this platform.
  • When you put a post here it will last longer than other platforms because the live pins have more traffic. Add your products to Pinterest and find your visitors through this.
  • It is a great platform for online sellers. It has Buyable pins, letting users buy a product without leaving Pinterest.
  1. Send push notifications to bring back customers
"push notification"

Another way of getting traffic is by sending push notifications. These are clickable messages that appear on users screens. You can use it to remind visitors about a flash sale, ship them incentives like reductions, or inform them approximately a brand new product.

Closing Thoughts

These all are the few methods to bring traffic to any online store like the b2b platform or any other business. Among these, all are important to make more traffic. First of all, try to create valuable and consistent content and then focus on SEO.Social media marketing is also a good way to market your business to customers.

So make your website top on search engines by following these points.


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